The Riven is the father of the Shadow Jinn he is said to bring about the Jinn through his own power on earth. The Riven is said to have the body of a man waist up but three heads of roaring lions waist down and six feet and, a scorpions tail. This is said for many more story's of the Balyroc Jinn the same as Shadow Jinn only more monstrous. The Balyroc Jinns name is Agathor he's the same as the Riven,but the Shadow Jinn has no other counterparts other then himself. What makes him a creepypasta is his human form Smiling Jin which is said to be hard drive chainmail that no one has ever found. No one knows the first person or their fate since there us no evidence which is even more scary. What happened to the people who saw Smiling Jin on their chainmail letters? No one knows. The Smiling Jin starts out like Smiledog jpg with a simple photo of a handsome man. He is smiling almost smirking but in a very disturbing matter showing no teeth at first or emotion in his dark eyes. He gives the same message as Smiledog but its Heed the Word in a blood written tone. No copy of the Smiling Jin exist the closes you'll get is the Smiling man on creepypasta,but no one knows or has ever seen his actual picture not on the net or anywhere. The only ways through chainmail which is rare for anyone to receive such a chainmail, if so anyone who's seen it goes insane to its graphic and violent nature. The people who look upon Smiling Jin never live to tell their story. They either commit suicide or the thing kills them head on. No picture exist on the net that explains it or somebody destroyed it. Whatever the explanation one things for sure no body was ever reported dead or missing. The way to resist the Jinn is by the Rosary Gate Star Divinity ( Trinity ) The Jinn aint really a devil,man, or dark angel but a Spectron Wraith or shape shifter also known as Exe in his case its E.X.E.N or the Exon demon shifter of the Neitherworld. A rosary of the rites of the HolyTrinity is the only way to restrain such a entity such as the Devil Jinn. The rosary of St Michael is very effective on him if done in a certain rites by the church. ==Welcome to the MysteryXVeronica.Exen Wiki== This is a net to explain mystery's from around the world, dark gaming,and dark legends

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